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1 Let's Be Cops (R)
2 Tammy (R)
3 How to Train Your Dragon 2 (PG)
4 Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13)
5 When the Game Stands Tall (PG)
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The Equalizer (R)
Tusk (R)
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Ouija (PG-13)
Dumb and Dumber To (PG-13)
The Book of Life (PG)
Nightcrawler (R)
A Walk Among the Tombstones (R)

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B- The Hunger Games ocu
C+ Hellboy II: The Golden Army ocu
C Hellboy ocu
A- Heat ocu
F The Hangover Part III ocu
F The Hangover Part II ocu
B- The Hangover ocu
C- The Grey ocu
C- The Godfather Part III ocu
A The Godfather Part II ocu
A The Godfather ocu
A- Blue Velvet ocu
B Eraserhead ocu
B- Gladiator ocu
B The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ocu

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CCH Pounder (62)
Sissy Spacek (65)

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7 Assassins (Digital Copy +)
Continuum: Season Three
Dominion: Season One
Intruders: Season 1
Pride (UV Digital Copy +)
The Trip to Italy

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The Weather Man
Vanilla Sky
Just Visiting
The Patriot
Gone In 60 Seconds
The Fast And The Furious
Batman Begins

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Magic in the Moonlight
The Maze Runner
The Skeleton Twins
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This is Where I Leave You

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'Entourage' reconvenes on the big screen'Entourage' reconvenes on the big screen Tuesday, 2:02 PM CST
Through eight seasons, the HBO show Entourage found its niche by presenting the glitz of Hollywood in a way that the average Joe Schmoe could... (more)

In your dreams: Marvel vs. DC trailerIn your dreams: Marvel vs. DC trailer Tuesday, 12:31 PM CST
The year is 2030. Filmmaking consists of only two genres, comic book films and whatever Michael Bay wants to blow up this week. Since the early... (more)

Chris Hemsworth does battle with Moby Dick in new trailerChris Hemsworth does battle with Moby Dick in new trailer Tuesday, 11:04 AM CST
The only problem with 2015 being so massive is that there are going to be films that will, unfortunately, be lost in the shuffle. To... (more)

Monday Mixer: The Sony hack is good for 'Team America'Monday Mixer: The Sony hack is good for 'Team America' Monday, 2:31 PM CST
For those following along at home. I did survive my 40th birthday. Unfortunately my kids did not make it out without getting bit by a bug.... (more)

The countdown is on: One year until 'The Force Awakens'The countdown is on: One year until 'The Force Awakens' Thursday, 12:01 AM CST
Fill in the blanks Mad Libs-style. It's one ______ until _____. True, if you said that it's one week until Christmas, you would be absolutely correct.... (more)

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1 The Hobbit: The Batt
2 Night at the Museum:
3 Annie
4 Exodus: Gods and Kin
5 The Hunger Games: Mo
6 Wild
7 Top Five
8 Big Hero 6
9 Penguins of Madagasc
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Top Rated Movies
1 Return of the Jedi
2 The Shawshank Red...
3 The Empire Strike...
4 Star Wars
5 Star Trek Into Da...
6 Raiders of the Lo...
7 Dr. Strangelove O...
8 The Dark Knight
9 The Terminator
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1 Brad Pitt
2 Bruce Willis
3 Johnny Depp
4 Dwayne Johnson
5 Robert Downey, Jr.
6 Adam Sandler
7 Robin Williams
8 Paul Walker
9 Cedric The Entertainer
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Most Requested Movies
1 Guardians of the Gal
2 This is Where I Leav
3 As Above, So Below
4 The Maze Runner
5 Dawn of the Planet o
6 When the Game Stands
7 The Giver
8 Tyler Perry's A Mad
9 Teenage Mutant Ninja
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